2018 Winter School Subject List

Differential Calculus (MATH1001) - Opens 03 Oct 2017

Faculty: Science
Department: Mathematics and Statistics
Level: Undergraduate
Credit Points: 3

(1)  Adrianne Jenner - 

(1)  Maths Contact  - maths.schooloffice@sydney.edu.au

Start Date: 08 Jan 2018 
End Date: 13 Feb 2018 
Capacity: 160 
Status: Places available 
Applications Open: 03 Oct 2017 
Applications Close: 08 Dec 2017 
Census date: 02 Feb 2018 
On-time withdrawals close: 02 Feb 2018 
Available to audit: Yes
Open to HSC graduates?: Yes


  1. Prohibitions - 

    MATH1901, MATH1011, MATH1906, MATH1111, ENVX1001

  2. Assumed Knowledge: - 

    HSC Mathematics Extension 1


MATH1001 is designed to provide a thorough preparation for further study in mathematics and statistics.

It is a core unit of study providing three of the twelve credit points required by the Faculty of Science as well as a Junior level requirement in the Faculty of Engineering.

This unit of study looks at complex numbers, functions of a single variable, limits and continuity, vector functions and functions of two variables. Differential calculus is extended to functions of two variables. Taylor’s theorem as a higher order mean value theorem.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the upcoming curriculum changes:

  • MATH1001 will be offered in the 2018 Summer School and 2018 Semester 1, after which it will no longer be offered; and

  • MATH1003 will be offered in 2018 Summer School, after which it will no longer be offered.

MATH1001 will be replaced with the unit MATH1021, which will start in 2018 Semester 1.

MATH1003 will be replaced with the unit MATH1023, which will start in 2018 Semester 2.

It is possible to take the pairs MATH1001/1023 or MATH1021/MATH1003, but it is best for students to take either the old pair (MATH1001/MATH1003) or the new pair (MATH1021/MATH1023).

Potential Summer School MATH1001 students should therefore be aware that after Summer School 2018, they will not be able to complete MATH1003.

In order to complete the MATH1001/MATH1003 pair, we advise students to either

  • take both MATH1001 and MATH1003 in 2018 Summer School; or

  • take MATH1003 in 2018 Summer School and MATH1001 in 2018 Semester 1.


Quizzes, assignments, participation, 1.5hr exam


Start Date: 08 Jan 2018     End Date: 13 Feb 2018


Mon 10:00 - 12:00

Tues 10:00 - 12:00


Mon 12:00 - 13:00

Tues 12:00 - 13:00

Final Exam
Wed 21 Feb, 13:50 start (1.5hour exam & 10min reading time)


Lectures: Carslaw Lecture Theatre 273


Group 1: Carslaw Tutorial Room 451

Group 2: Carslaw Tutorial Room 452

Group 3: Carslaw Tutorial Room 453

Group 4: Carslaw Tutorial Room 454

Group 5: Carslaw Tutorial Room 355

Group 6: Eastern Avenue Seminar Room 119

Group 7: Eastern Avenue Seminar Room 120

Group 8: Eastern Avenue Seminar Room 121


Assigned Rooms: Carslaw Lecture Rooms 350, 351 OR Carslaw Tutorial Room 360 & 361


Lecture notes for MATH1001, School of Mathematics and Statistics