2018 Winter School Subject List

Intermediate Microeconomics (ECOS2001) - Opens 04 Oct 2016

Faculty: Arts and Social Sciences
Department: Economics
Level: Undergraduate
Credit Points: 6

There are no Instructor details available for this course.

(1)  School of Economics  - economics.enquiries@sydney.edu.au

Start Date: 03 Jan 2017 
End Date: 16 Feb 2017 
Capacity: 60 
Status: Places available 
Applications Open: 04 Oct 2016 
Applications Close: 07 Dec 2016 
Census date: 18 Jan 2017 
On-time withdrawals close: 18 Jan 2017 
Available to audit: No
Open to HSC graduates?: No


  1. Prerequisite: - 

    ECON1001 or BUSS1040

  2. Corequisite: - 

    ECMT1010 or BUSS1020 or MATH1905 or MATH1005 or MATH1015

  3. Prohibitions - 

    ECOS2901 or ECON2001 or ECON2901


The aim of Intermediate Microeconomics is the development of theoretical and applied skills in economics. It covers applications and extensions of the theory of consumer choice, firm behaviour and market structure. Emphasis is given to the economics of information and choice under uncertainty; industry structures other than monopoly and perfect competition; markets for factors of production; general equilibrium and economic efficiency; market failure and the role of government. This unit provides a basis for the more specialised options that comprise third year economics.


Tutorial participation (10%), 2x in-class tests (40%) and 1x2hr Final exam (50%)


Start Date: 03 Jan 2017     End Date: 16 Feb 2017


Tue & Thu: 11:00 - 13:00 hrs


Tue & Thu:

13:00 - 14:00 hrs; 14:00 - 15:00 hrs

Mid-Semester Exam:

Tues Jan 24th 2017, 11:00 am Start

Final Exam:

Tue, 21 Feb at 11am (2 hrs & 10 mins reading time).


All Lectures, Tutorials & Final Exam are all at same Venue (Merewether Lecture Room 3 - Room 273)


Mid Semester Exam - Tues 24th Jan 2017 - Will be held in both Merewether Lecture Room 3 (Room 273) & Merewether Lecture Room 5 (Room 277)


To be advised.