2018 Summer School Subject List

Australia: Conflict and Transformation (HSTY1089) - Opens 04 Oct 2016

Faculty: Arts and Social Sciences
Department: History
Level: Undergraduate
Credit Points: 6

(1) Dr Anne Rees - anne.rees@sydney.edu.au

(1) Dr Anne Rees - anne.rees@sydney.edu.au

Start Date: 23 Jan 2017 
End Date: 16 Feb 2017 
Capacity: 200 
Status: Places available 
Applications Open: 04 Oct 2016 
Applications Close: 04 Jan 2017 
Census date: 30 Jan 2017 
On-time withdrawals close: 30 Jan 2017 
Available to audit: No
Open to HSC graduates?: No


    There are no listed prerequisites for this course.


Australia has been called the ‘quiet continent’, but conflict has been part of its history since 1788. This unit examines the violence of convict society, frontier conflict and early battles for self-government. It maps the political struggles, contested stories and shifts in Indigenous-settler relations that accompanied the creation of a nation state after 1880, and explores the effects of war on different social groups. Finally, it charts Australia’s cultural and political transformation after 1945 into the postindustrial postcolonial society of today.


1x1500wd tutorial paper; 1x500wd essay outline; 1x2500wd essay; 1x1hr exam and participation.


Start Date: 23 Jan 2017     End Date: 16 Feb 2017


Mon, Tue & Thu: 10:00 - 12:00 hrs


Mon, Tue & Thu: 12:00 - 13:00 hrs

Final Exam:

Fri 17th Feb 2017, 10:00 am Start (1 Hr Exam)


Lectures & Tutorials: Woolley Seminar Room N208

Final Exam: Abercrombie Business School Seminar Room 1080