2018 Summer School Subject List

Linear Mathematics and Vector Calculus (MATH2061) - Opens 04 Oct 2016

Faculty: Science
Department: Mathematics and Statistics
Level: Undergraduate
Credit Points: 6

There are no Instructor details available for this course.

(1) Mr Chamreun Cheen - C.Cheen@maths.usyd.edu.au

Start Date: 06 Jan 2017 
End Date: 15 Feb 2017 
Capacity: 120 
Status: Places available 
Applications Open: 04 Oct 2016 
Applications Close: 07 Dec 2016 
Census date: 18 Jan 2017 
On-time withdrawals close: 18 Jan 2017 
Available to audit: Yes
Open to HSC graduates?: Yes


  1. Prerequisite: - 

    (MATH1001 or MATH1011 or MATH1901 or MATH1906) and (MATH1002 or MATH1014 or MATH1902) and (MATH1003 or MATH1903 or MATH1907)

  2. Prohibition: - 

    MATH2001, MATH2901, MATH2002, MATH2961, MATH2067


This unit starts with an investigation of linearity: linear functions, general principles relating to the solution sets of homogeneous and inhomogeneous linear equations (including differential equations), linear independence and the dimension of a linear space. The study of eigenvalues and eigenvectors, begun in junior level linear algebra, is extended and developed. The unit then moves on to topics from vector calculus, including vector-valued functions (parametrised curves and surfaces; vector fields; div, grad and curl; gradient fields and potential functions), line integrals (arc length; work; path-independent integrals and conservative fields; flux across a curve), iterated integrals (double and triple integrals; polar, cylindrical and spherical coordinates; areas, volumes and mass; Green’s Theorem), flux integrals (flow through a surface; flux integrals through a surface defined by a function of two variables, though cylinders, spheres and parametrised surfaces), Gauss’ Divergence Theorem and Stokes’ Theorem.


Quizzes, assignments, participation, 2 hr exam


Start Date: 06 Jan 2017     End Date: 15 Feb 2017

MATH2061 Summer Timetable for 2017


Lecture notes for MATH2061, School of Mathematics and Statistics