2018 Winter School Proposed Units of Study List

Units of Study list is subject to change.

33 matching units

UoS CodeNameFacultyLevel
ANHS1600Foundations for Ancient GreeceArts and Social SciencesUndergraduate
ARBC1611Beginner Arabic 1AArts and Social SciencesUndergraduate
AWSS2015Generative DrawingArts and Social SciencesUndergraduate
AWSS2023Arcitectural PhotographyArchitecture, Design and PlanningUndergraduate
AWSS20262D Print Processes in DesignArchitecture, Design and PlanningUndergraduate
CHNS1101Chinese 1A for BeginnersArts and Social SciencesUndergraduate
CHNS3000Chinese for Native Speakers 1Arts and Social SciencesUndergraduate
DAAE2005Designing with ColourArchitecture, Design and PlanningUndergraduate
DECO1012Design ProgrammingArchitecture, Design and PlanningUndergraduate
DESA1004Designing with Surfaces and LightArchitecture, Design and PlanningUndergraduate
ECOP1001Economics as a Social ScienceArts and Social SciencesUndergraduate
ECOP6016China in the World EconomyArts and Social SciencesPostgraduate
FRNC1601Introductory French 1Arts and Social SciencesUndergraduate
GCST1602Introduction to Gender StudiesArts and Social SciencesUndergraduate
ISYS5070Change Management in ITEngineering and Information TechnologiesPostgraduate
ITLN1611Italian 1Arts and Social SciencesUndergraduate
ITLN2001Introduction to Italian CultureArts and Social SciencesUndergraduate
ITLS6007Disaster Relief OperationsBusiness (Business School)Postgraduate
LAWS1017Torts and Contracts IILaw (Sydney Law School)Undergraduate
LAWS2014Corporate LawLaw (Sydney Law School)Undergraduate
LAWS2015EquityLaw (Sydney Law School)Undergraduate
LAWS2016EvidenceLaw (Sydney Law School)Undergraduate
LAWS2017Real PropertyLaw (Sydney Law School)Undergraduate
LAWS5006Torts and Contracts IILaw (Sydney Law School)Postgraduate
LAWS5012Real PropertyLaw (Sydney Law School)Postgraduate
LAWS5013EvidenceLaw (Sydney Law School)Postgraduate
LAWS5014Corporate LawLaw (Sydney Law School)Postgraduate
LAWS5015EquityLaw (Sydney Law School)Postgraduate
MATH1115Interrogating DataScienceUndergraduate
PHIL1012Introductory LogicArts and Social SciencesUndergraduate
PMGT5897Disaster Project ManagementEngineering and Information TechnologiesPostgraduate
PRFM1601Performance: Process and CollaborationArts and Social SciencesUndergraduate
USSC6920US Media: Politics, Culture, TechnologyArts and Social Sciences All